Weight loss program for Everyone

Using all products in particular, Natura Slim Coffee and Teatox bundle, Coffee Scrub will give you better result.

Dietary Set


Natura-Slim Teatox is a two step-program

  • 18pcs Natura-Slim Coffee
  • 28 days Bedtime Detox
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Standard Set


28 to 72 days weight loss program

  • One box Natura-Slim Coffee
  • 28 days Daytime Boost
  • 28 days Bedtime Detox
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Frequently Ask Questions

  • What is a Teatox?

    Teatox = Daytime boost + Bedtime detox bundle! It is an effective and completely natural way to improve your health and make you feel amazing!
    A Teatox is NOT a diet or a meal replacement; you still have to eat your regular meals!

  • How does Teatox work?

    Natura Slim Teatox is created with all-natural ingredients where each ingredient is specially sourced and selected for its unique properties. These ingredients are then combined and scientifically formulated using an effect known as ‘food synergy.’ So, not only do the different ingredients complement each other, they also are more potent together than they would be individually and work in harmony together to help you kickstart a healthy lifestyle.
    In order to give you the best Teatox experience, our select team of experts have worked tirelessly to create two very special blends of tea that work in a complementary 2-step program to make you kickstart a new you!

  • Can i buy just the Daytime boost tea or the Bedtime detox tea instead of the complete program?

    Sure you can :) We recommend The Daytime Boost tea as a healthier alternative to coffee after you’ve completed your Teatox.
    If you’re an experienced Teatox, you can try drinking the Bedtime detox tea every night for maximum results (but remember to take a month’s break between doing a stardard program). However, do listen to your body and if you feel unwell, please revert to taking it every other night!

  • Are there any side effects?

    The ingredients are unlikely to bring about typical allergic responses, however do check the ingredients for the Teatox teas and Coffee if you have any allergies,
    Our Natura Slim Coffee contains caffeine, so it is not suitable for people with caffeine sensitivity. A cup of Coffee contains ca.70% caffeine compared to a cup of coffee.
    The Detox tea, however, does contain senna leaves, which may have a mild laxative effect. After drinking the Bedtime Detox, you may feel a churning tummy and visit the bathroom more often, especially for first-time users. You should definitely not experience diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness or severe cramping. In the unlikely case this happens, immediately stop consuming the tea.
    You know your body best. If your body isn’t sensitive to the tea, you can increase its strength by infusing the tea bags longer; if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the tea, you can have a milder cup of tea by reducing the infusion time.
    We don’t advise you to go out on a date or ahem, clubbing after you drink The Bedtime Detox. The best time to drink it is just before you go to bed.

  • Can guys drink Natura Slim Teatox and Coffee?

    Sure, everyone can benefit from a Teatox and Coffee!All our ingredients benefit both men and women!


    Our products not suitable for people under the age of 16, Patients suffering from cardiac conditions, high blood pressure or diabetes. If you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain.
    If there’s any sensitivity to this product, if under any medications, please consult your health care physician before use.
    Coconut Coffee Scrub is extremely addictive. May cause an increase in daily coffee consumption and enhanced natural beauty. Patch test 24 hours before use and if irritation occurs discontinue and seek medical advice.